Rock Valley College

Success Coaching

Success coaching provides one-to-one mentoring for students who are experiencing academic difficulties during their time at RVC. You'll receive personalized support as you make a fresh start, getting connected to resources tailored to your individual needs.

Retention Specialists act as a success coach to help you recognize and build upon strengths, make plans based on academic and personal goals, get involved in the campus community, and ultimately work toward better grades and a positive college experience. OSS reaches out to targeted groups of students at the beginning of each semester encouraging them to utilize a success coach, but anyone is welcome and encouraged to use this resource!

If you feel like you are struggling and want additional support to become academically successful, reach out to or one of our Retention Specialists directly!

Think of success coaching like a step between academic advising and personal counseling. We are here to support you through your academic journey, however that may be, but we are not clinical counselors. This is an additional academic based support who can help you navigate the college process and serve as a drop-in/catch-all resource for you.

Retention Specialists can help you to:

  • Assess, identify, and address challenges
  • Create a Student Success Plan that includes academic and personal goals
  • Identify ways to spend your time and energy effectively
  • Assist in the development of essential college success strategies including organization and time management, study skills, effective communication with faculty and administrators, and other valuable practices
  • Connect you with academic and campus resources
  • Successfully adjust to a college environment
  • Prepare for life after RVC, including college transfer and career exploration

We will not:

  • Make decisions for you
  • Serve as mediators between faculty and students
  • Contact faculty or staff on your behalf
  • Replace tutoring or academic advising
  • Do your work for you
  • Provide psychological counseling services

When should I reach out?

Success coaching is a great resource, regardless of the time of semester. You can reach out right at the beginning if you know you want the support or you can hold off until after an exam. Reach out when you feel you aren’t being as successful as you could be or when you feel like you might fail or need to withdraw, we can help make that decision with you.

How do I reach out?

Email and let us know you’d like to meet with someone! Or you can reach out to one of our Retention Specialists directly. You’re also welcome to stop by one of our offices and let us know you’d like to meet.

Rhonda Hutter, Retention Specialist TBA
Classroom Building I (CLI) 1125 Jacobs Center for Science and Math (JCSM) 0119  
(815) 921-4124