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RVC Foundation scholarship applications are now closed.


Thank you to all who applied for a scholarship. All applicants will receive an award notification letter via U.S. Mail during or before the 2nd week of July. If you do not receive an award, please apply again next year.
If you receive an award, it will be added to your Financial Aid package and show as “Pending” on your account, which you can access through MyRVC on the College’s home page. Funds will show as “Applied” within the first 2 weeks of September. Any refund due you for tuition paid previously will be sent to you at the end of September.
If you plan to use your scholarship to pay for books, stop by the financial aid office and sign up for FA-Link, which allows you to buy books through the College’s bookstore and pay for them with your scholarship funds. If you purchase your books from another source, provide the financial aid office with a detailed original receipt so that a refund may be issued to you.

For additional questions, please stop by the Financial Aid Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.

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About RVC Foundation Scholarships


RVC Foundation Scholarships are awarded for the academic year, and cover fall and spring semester classes only. Scholarships focus on:

  1. Program of Study
  2. Academic standing and/or
  3. Financial need

One or all of these main criteria may apply to a particular scholarship. Other criteria may also be considered based on the individual scholarship guidelines.

Award amounts vary based on student status. Funds are dispersed to your RVC Financial Aid account, and are applied to tuition first, then fees, books and mandatory supplies. Funds not used will be returned to the RVC Foundation.

Student Status is determined through the RVC Student Record System.

  • Full- and part-time status is determined by the number of credit hours an applicant is registered for as of the first Friday in June, and again as of the 10th day following the start of classes. A drop from 12 or more credits to less than 12 credits will change your status from full- to part-time and is likely to change your award amount.
  •  Second-year and new or returning student status is determined by the number of credit hours completed as of the first Friday in June. Summer classes not yet completed will not be included in determining your status for the fall.
  •  Dual-credit or Running Start student status will be determined by the actual/pending high school graduation date as entered on the application form and the number of RVC credit hours earned prior to high school graduation.


General Eligibility Requirements

All applicants are asked to:

  1. Supply general biographical information.
  2. Write a brief statement on what receiving a scholarship will mean to you.
  3. Write a brief statement about your education and career goals.

These statements will be shared with the donor of the scholarship awarded and quotes may be used in publications and news media.

  • If you are intending to obtain a transfer degree (Associate of Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Engineering Science) you must indicate your area of concentration in the space provided on the application. Please note: Nursing is not available as an area of concentration. Please choose biology, chemistry, or any other applicable area, and then include Nursing as a career goal when you write your education statement.  Do not choose other!  You will not be considered for a Nursing Scholarship.
  • If you intend to pursue a career degree (Associate of Applied Science, Associate Degree Nursing, or Associate of General Studies) or certificate you must choose your particular program in the space provided on the application.
  • If you intend to transfer before obtaining an Associate Degree you must include your transfer plans and future career goals when writing your education statement.
  • If you are unsure of your education goals choose “Other” and write “I don’t know yet”. You will not qualify for a program-based scholarship such as Nursing, but need- and merit-based are still open to you.


Program-based Scholarship Eligibility

Program-based scholarship eligibility is for those applicants who have already determined their education goals at Rock Valley College. Some programs have a separate admissions process and are considered “limited admissions” programs. Your program admission will be confirmed with the program director prior to determining final eligibility. Learn more about the career programs and certificates offered at RVC.

Merit-based Scholarship Eligibility

Merit-based scholarship eligibility is for those applicants with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. If you are a new high school or transfer students, you must turn in your official transcripts to the Records and Registration office by the end of the second week of May.

Need-based Scholarship Eligibility

Need-based scholarship eligibility is for those applicants who complete their RVC Financial Aid File by May 15, 2017. Note: You do not have to receive financial aid in order to qualify for a need-based scholarship. You just have to complete the process. Learn more about the RVC financial aid process.

Maintaining your Scholarship Eligibility

Your initial scholarship award is based on the information provided on the application and the information in the RVC Student Record System. If your information changes, you may lose your scholarship funding. For instance, if you register for 15 credit hours in the fall, and only 7 in the spring, you may lose funds based on the number of hours you are registered for. You also must remain a “student in good standing” by maintaining your GPA and completing all of your classes. Failure to do either one could cause you to lose your scholarship.

Scholarship Searches

In addition to applying for an RVC Foundation scholarship, we also suggest you seek out additional scholarship opportunities. We do not recommend that you pay anyone to find a scholarship or financial assistance for you. This information is available to you for free online.

Some helpful scholarship websites include: