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Supply Chain Management

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Supply chain is the process of moving a product from the supplier to the customer.  A solid supply chain can increase profits by decreasing purchasing and production costs for both sellers and manufacturers.

This is why companies are always looking for ways to improve their supply chain management.

Supply chain in the U.S. employs 44 million people, or roughly 37% of all jobs.  This career path is particularly strong in the Rockford region, which is home to a strong manufacturing and logistics base. 

When you learn about supply chain, you explore topics such as planning, sourcing, production, inventory management, distribution and transportation. 

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

Description of Certificate

The Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management certificate is focused on developing an understanding of how the flow of materials from procurement to delivery can help an organization balance3 responsiveness and efficiency to improve profitability.  This certificate is designed for front-line, entry-level supply chain management workers and con be completed in one to two semesters.