Rock Valley College

Music Scholarship Auditions

The Rock Valley College Music Department is pleased to announce its 2018-2019 Music Scholarship Auditions.  The Music Department has over $12,000 to award for the upcoming school year to present and future RVC students who participate in one of our many performing ensembles during 2018-2019.

Pianists may also apply as accompanists.  Our ensembles include the RVC Orchestra, RVC Jazz Band, RVC Concert Band, RVC Concert Choir, and other fine ensembles and combos.

These scholarships are available to students in all majors, and are renewable annually. The awards are available to students in any major who will be enrolled at RVC during 2018-2019.      

Auditions are observed and assessed by our faculty.

How to Apply

1) Fill out the Music Audition application (found at the bottom of this page)

2) Prepare a representative solo work (study, art song, sonata, etc.) 

3) Show up 15 minutes early (or more) for your assigned audition time.

4) Perform the prepared selection for our panel of musicians at your appointed time.

5) Prepare to be interviewed to discuss your plans for participating in our ensembles in the upcoming year.  Bring your questions!

Scholarship winners will be informed of their awards. Winners need to be actively participating in an RVC performance ensemble before awards are received.

What to Prepare/How to Audition

  • Show up at least 15 minutes early to your audition.
  • The selection should be approximately 3-5 minutes in length and should show your musicianship, expressiveness, and technical ability.   
    • Instrumental:  Etudes and Solos are encouraged.  Scales and arpeggios may be requested.
    • Vocal: Art song is preferred; folk song and selections from musical theatre are appreciated.

We will listen to music from other styles as well. Note: vocal auditions also double as auditions for our Chamber Singers and Women’s Choir.  Interested students will be asked to sightread, sing patterns, and explore their ranges.

  • Bring two CLEAR copies of the music, one for your accompanist if needed, and one for our panel.  (We will supply an accompanist if you cannot bring one of your own.)
  • You will be auditioning on stage, in front of a panel of musicians. We discourage visitors and friends from attending these private auditions.

We will contact you regarding the schedule of your audition time.

For more audition preparation suggestions, we recommend the following links:

If you have any additional questions, please contact Mike Beert at or or Ken Stein at

If you are an RVC student, this is your "s number"- the letter "s" followed by a seven digit number (ex: s1234567). If you are NOT yet an RVC student who is applying, simply skip this field.

(or last school attended)

(soprano, alto, tenor, bass)

You may participate in any or all. Check all that apply. Scholarship recipients must be registered in at least one ensemble or its equivalent (at the discretion of the Music faculty).