Rock Valley College

FAQ about Math at RVC

1. How do I prepare for the placement test? 

Here is a great online way to prepare for the placement exam.  For a small fee, you may save yourself several courses which mean less time, less tuition, and fewer books to buy.

2. I’m not happy with my placement score.  What can I do?

See the Math Placement webpage to read about your options including retesting, submitting a math appeal, or applying for a math petition.

3. I placed into developmental math.  What can I do?

Developmental classes do not count for college credit.  You have many ways to reduce the number of developmental classes you have to take.  

  • If you’ve earned an A or B in a developmental math class, you may fill out a Math Petition form in the Testing Center to be allowed to retake the placement exam one additional time. (Note: Students will only be allowed to do this ONCE.)
  • Geometry Waivers allow you to skip Geometry if you passed it in high school with a C or better.
  • MTH 096S combines 2 semesters of developmental algebra into one.
  • MTH 096A is a one-semester course that satisfies the prerequisite for MTH 115 and MTH 220.


4. My class is using MyMathLab.  How do I get started?

Instructions and tips are provided in this handout: Getting Started with MML. Note: You will need a course ID from your instructor.

5. How can I buy books more affordably?  They’re really expensive!

The RVC Math Department is committed to making math classes affordable.  Here are some options:

  • Buy MyMathLab codes online when you register for a course which gives you the code immediately and is the least expensive way.
  • Ask your instructor if the book is required.  You may be able to just buy a MML access code.
  • If you have to buy a book, consider buying it used on or  You don’t need to bid and you can often save $50-100.  Buy a book used and a MyMathLab code online can often cost less than buying a new bundle containing the same items.


6. Are there any online math classes?  My schedule doesn’t allow me to get to campus much.

We have offered online math classes in prealgebra, beginning algebra, intermediate algebra, Geometry (MTH 097), General Education Math (MTH 115), College Algebra (MTH 120), College Algebra and Trigonometry (MTH 132), and Statistics (MTH 220).  More may be added in the near future. Check Online Services to see what online math classes are currently being offered.

7. Where do I get help for my math class?  I’m having trouble.

Rock Valley College wants you to be successful in your math class...

  • Don't hesitate to see your instructor during office hours.
  • Go to the RVC Math Lab for free tutoring by math instructors--no appointment necessary. The Math Lab also has computers where students can do online math homework or view textbook DVDs or online tutorials.
  • Stop by or call the Tutoring Center (Student Center ground floor) to schedule free tutoring services.

8. I’ve got other questions about math classes at RVC.  Can you help?

Our department web site is full of helpful information and more is being added all the time.  Check out the Math Advising page for information on certain special courses or ways courses are offered. You can also contact the instructor for more information.