Rock Valley College

Video Production Studio

Studio Wide B&W

Video Production Studio:

Our studio is located on the ground floor of the Educational Resource Center on the Main Campus of Rock Valley College.
    •    The studio space is 27’ x 45’
    •    The workshop space is an additional 27’ x 45’

The Studio Includes:

    •    3 Panasonic P2 HD Video Cameras
    •    2 Sharp Camera Mounted Teleprompters
    •    ETC Lighting Grid and ETC Express Lighting Console
    •    35 Studio Lighting Fixtures including Desisti 1000 and 650 Watt Fresnels, and Desisti Cyc Strips

The Control Room for the studio features a Blackmagic ATEM II ME Switcher, SSD recording devices, Photoshop for CG graphics creation, Panasonic HD Monitors, and Sennheiser wireless microphones.