Rock Valley College

Office Professional Degree

Degree conferred: Associate in Applied Science – 65 credits
Program contact: Division of Business/Computers & Information Systems, (815) 921-3101


Program overview

The Office Professional Program allows students to focus on one of four areas of office administration: General office, medical office, legal office, or office software application professionals. Under the guidance of the Associate Dean of Business/CIS or Academic Chair, students will be able to tailor a program that meets their unique needs. Students may also meet with an academic advisor to develop an academic plan.

Work and employment

Graduates from the Program find jobs as administrative assistants, administrative secretaries, and office assistants in a variety of office settings.

General Office Professional

The efficiency of any organization depends in part upon office professionals who are at the center of communications within the business. They process and transmit information to the staff and other organizations. Graduates of this Program will learn a wide range of skills using the latest computer technology.

Medical Office Professional

Graduates of this Program are prepared for jobs in an insurance or healthcare office. Job responsibilities vary, and may include appointment scheduling, medical and general document preparation, meeting and event planning, handling receivables, and transcription.

Legal Office Professional

Graduates of this Program typically perform administrative work in law firms. Areas in which they could become involved include bankruptcy, business and corporate litigation, criminal, divorce, and family law, wills, trusts, and estates, government law, trademarks and copyright law, personal injury and property damage, probate, real estate, and workers’ compensation.


Office Professional Course Requirements (38 credits)

Number Title
  ATG-110 Financial Accounting
  BUS-101 Introduction to Business
  BUS-103 Business Mathematics
  MGT-270 Principles of Management
  MKT-288 Customer Relations
  OFF-115 File Management
  OFF-118 Computer Keyboarding
  OFF-121 Advanced Document Preparation and Design
  OFF-222 Office Technology Practicum
  OFF-226 Professional Development
  OFF-231 Office Procedures
  PCI-106 Microcomputer Applications/Windows
  PCI-206 Advanced Micro Appl/Windows Based


General Education Requirements (18 credits)

Required Courses (12 credits):


General Education Electives (6 credits):

Students must select courses with at least two different prefixes to fulfill IAI General Education Core Curriculum requirements (example: ART, BIO, ECO, SOC, etc.)

Choose appropriate option:

General Office Professional (9 credits)

Number Title
  PCI-200 Microcomputer Info Systems Practicum
  PCI-226 Post-Adv Micro Application/Windows Based
Electives: Choose a course with BUS, ATG, MGT, MKT, OFF, PCI prefix for 3 credits.

Legal Office Professional (9 credits)

Number Title
  BUS-200 Legal Environment in Business
  PCI-226 Post-Adv Micro Application/Windows Based

Choose a 3 credit elective from BUS.

Medical Office Professional (9 credits)

Number Title
  HLT-110 Medical Terminology
  OFF-144 Insurance Procedures/Medical Office
  OFF-245 Intro to Health Information Tech
  BIO-171 Biology of Human Disease

Potential Careers & Wages