Rock Valley College

Mechatronics Careers

RVC Mechatronic students working in the WTC lab


Mechatronics Careers in Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics

In advanced manufacturing and robotics, you’ll help build robotic solutions that improve manufacturing quality, quantity and productivity; you’ll manage, execute and troubleshoot electrical, robotic and automation equipment; and you’ll ensure equipment is compliant with industry standards.

Mechatronics Careers in Telecommunications and Information Services

Mechatronics jobs in telecommunication and information services include roles such as high-voltage technician, field or cable technician, networking technician, and more. Job responsibilities can include installing, maintaining and repairing mobile phones, computer networks, videoconferencing equipment, fiber-optic cables, electrical systems and more.

Mechatronics Careers in Biotechnology, Life Science and Medical Equipment Design

You can also use knowledge of mechatronics to improve clinical equipment, surgical procedures, rehabilitation strategies, micro-implants, prostheses and more.

Mechatronics Careers in Transportation and Logistics

In today’s interconnected world where global delivery is an essential part of many businesses, people with skills in mechatronics are in demand to work in transportation and logistics. These careers involve working with custom-designed machines, powerful computing infrastructures, complex transportation processes and equipment, and more. In short, you’ll use comprehensive mechatronics knowledge to keep large companies up and running.

Male and female working on machine in factory