Rock Valley College

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Degree

Program overview

Today’s manufacturing is impacted by global competition forcing the need to accelerate product design and development. Graduates of this program are prepared for interdisciplinary careers in high-tech manufacturing and industrial technology. The areas of emphasis are modern design methods, production, and continuous improvement techniques.

Professional Certifications


During completion of course requirements, students will be given an opportunity to test and become certified in the following:

  • NIMS CNC Level 1 Certified
  • Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA)
  • Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP)

Work and employment

In addition to the areas of product design, 3-D CAD modeling, process planning, production scheduling, quality technician, and CNC programming and operation, a graduate of this degree may assume responsibilities in automated production, technical sales, and problem solving along with many other areas of today’s dynamic world of manufacturing.

Important Information

Graduates of this program are qualified and encouraged to pursue the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT) certification.

Transfer Opportunities

Graduates may transfer with articulated credit to universities such as Bradley University, Northern Illinois University, Illinois State University, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Southern Illinois University and University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Students are advised to contact the institution to which they plan to transfer to ensure course transfer credit availability.  Students should also consult with an academic advisor, the Dean, or Academic Chair of the Manufacturing Engineering Technology program. 


Manufacturing Engineering Course Requirements (44 credits)

Core Requirements:

NOTE:  A grade of "C" or higher is required in the core requirements and technical electives.

Number Title
  EET-141 DC/AC Circuits and Electronics I
  EET-254 Robotics and Automated Systems
  MET-100 Introductory CAD and Print Reading
  MET-105 Materials and Processes
  MET-106 Metrology
  MET-110 Manufacturing Processes I
  MET-111 CNC Machine Setup/Operations/Programmin
  MET-133 Graphics/SolidWorks CAD I
  MET-146 Hydraulics, Pneumatics and PLCs
  MET-162 Applied Physics
  MET-217 Applied Statics
  MET-218 Strength of Materials
  MET-243 Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing
  MET-249 MET Capstone Project

Electives: Select 6 credits from the following (6 credits)

Number Title
  MET-102 Meth of Statistical Process Cntrl (SPC)
  MET-220 Mechanisms
  MET-221 Machine Design
  MET-226 CNC/CAM Operations I
  MET-233 Graphics/SolidWorks CAD II
  MET-237 Design of Experiments
  MET-240 CNC/CAM Operations II
  MET-247 Manufacture Methods, Process Plan & Syst
  WLD-100 Introduction to Welding

General Education Course Requirements: (15 credits)

Number Title
  ENG-101 Composition I
  ENG-103 Composition II
  ENG-110 Introduction to Technical Writing
  MTH-100 Technical Mathematics
  MTH-125 Plane Trigonometry
  MTH-132 College Algebra & Trigonometry
  SPH-131 Fundamentals of Communication

Plus MTH or CHM Elective (3)

Potential Careers & Wages