Rock Valley College

Fitness, Wellness & Sport Courses

The following is a comprehensive list of courses offered in this subject or discipline. This is meant to give you an idea of the types of courses offered in each area. Click on any course to learn more about it.

Disclaimer: Not all courses listed here will be offered during this academic year. Please speak with an academic advisor to fulfill specific graduation requirements. 

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Number Title Credits
  FWS-110 Fitness Walking (1)
  FWS-113 Low Impact Aerobics (1)
  FWS-116 Step Aerobics (1)
  FWS-119 Cardio Kickboxing (1)
  FWS-121 Cardiovascular Fitness & Conditioning (1)
  FWS-126 Beginning Weight Lifting (1)
  FWS-127 Advanced Weight Lifting (2)
  FWS-128 Sports Performance Fitness (1)
  FWS-131 Basketball & Touch Football (1)
  FWS-133 Power Volleyball (1)
  FWS-135 Golf (1)
  FWS-137 Tennis (1)
  FWS-139 Soccer (1)
  FWS-140 Basic Physical Defense for Women (1)
  FWS-141 Hiking, Cycling, & Outdoor Activities (1)
  FWS-143 Snorkeling (1)
  FWS-145 Scuba Diving (1)
  FWS-146 Open Water Scuba (1)
  FWS-150 Shoto-Kan Karate (1)
  FWS-151 Tae Kwon Do (1)
  FWS-176 Intercollegiate Sports I (1)
  FWS-177 Intercollegiate Sports II (1)
  FWS-220 Intro Career Opps PE, Exercise&Sport (3)
  FWS-221 Intro to Teaching Physical Education (3)
  FWS-223 P.E. for the Elementary School Teacher (3)
  FWS-225 Adapted Physical Education (3)
  FWS-231 Contemporary Health Issues (3)
  FWS-233 Community Health (3)
  FWS-235 Alcohol and Drug Education (3)
  FWS-236 Human Sexuality (3)
  FWS-237 Nutrition for Optimum Living (3)
  FWS-240 Intro Athl Training & Sports Medicine (3)
  FWS-243 First Aid, General Safety, CPR & AED (3)
  FWS-250 Introduction to Sport Management (3)
  FWS-253 Introduction to Coaching (3)
  FWS-254 ASEP Sport First Aid and CPR (3)
  FWS-255 Sociology of Sport (3)
  FWS-256 History of Physical Education & Sport (3)
  FWS-258 Sport & Exercise Psychology (3)
  FWS-260 Introduction to Exercise Science (3)
  FWS-261 Nutrition for Fitness & Sport (3)
  FWS-263 Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Control (3)
  FWS-265 Personal Fitness and Wellness (3)
  FWS-266 Personal Trng I-Concepts & Applications (3)
  FWS-267 Personal Trng II-Concepts & Application (3)
  FWS-270 FWS Practicum I (1)
  FWS-271 FWS Practicum II (1)
  FWS-272 FWS Practicum III (1)
  FWS-275 Personal Training Internship (3)
  FWS-276 Athletic Coaching Internship (3)