Rock Valley College

Dental Hygiene Clinic Services

The Rock Valley College Dental Hygiene Clinic offers low-cost dental hygiene preventative services performed by students in the RVC Dental Hygiene degree program. All students are supervised by faculty consisting of registered dental hygienists and licensed dentists. To make an appointment please call (815) 921-3235.

Dental Hygiene New Clinic in HSC

What types of services are provided?

  • Dental exam by licensed dentist
  • Life saving oral cancer screenings
  • Thorough assessment of patients' oral health
  • Nutritional counseling as needed
  • Professional cleanings for patients with various oral health conditions (healthy, gingivitis or gum disease)
  • Fluoride varnish applied to prevent cavities
  • Sealants for children and adults to prevent cavities
  • Full series of x-rays and bitewing x-rays to check for cavities
  • Panorex x-rays to check for impacted wisdom teeth
  • Local anesthesia and nitrous oxide for pain control
  • Desensitization techniques for sensitive teeth
  • Individual oral hygiene education and a free toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste

Who is eligible?

  • Adults (any age)
  • Children (any age)
  • RVC students
  • RVC faculty/staff
  • People who have systemic diseases such as diabetes. Our students are capable of seeing patients with various health challenges, patients who have had regular dental care, and those who have gone years without treatment.
  • People who do not have insurance (even those who do, but you must pay our clinic and then file your insurance on your own).


How much does it cost*?

Dental Hygiene/Dental Exams  $10
Teeth Cleaning  $20-$60
Sealants for Decay Prevention  $15
Fluoride Treatments  $10
Dental X-rays  $15-$40

Fees updated July 2019. Prices subject to change.

*Costs will vary depending on each patient's dental needs and situation. New patients are required to submit to a telephone screening and an in-person screening appointment that will better determine the cost. Patients must be willing to commit to multiple appointments, three hours in length as these appointments are critical to our students' requirements for completing the degree program.

How and when may I schedule an appointment?

Because patients are treated by students in our DentalDental Hygiene Student Working on Client Hygiene degree program, appointments are scheduled and accepted when Rock Valley College is in session during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Please refer to the College's Academic Calendar

Due to the educational nature of the program, several appointments will be necessary to complete care.  Please expect multiple appointments three (3) hours in length.  Depending on the time of the year and the needs of the students, not all patients who call will be appointed.

Patients may choose between a morning or afternoon appointment when scheduling.

To make an appointment please call (815) 921-3235.

Where is the clinic located?

The dental hygiene clinic is located on Rock Valley College's main campus inside the new Health Sciences Center (HSC), 3301 North Mulford Road, Rockford, IL.


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