Rock Valley College

Sample 2 Year Plan of Study

Building Construction Management

This sample 2 Year Plan of Study for the RVC Building Construction Management degree will give you an outline for a suggested way to approach taking your courses each semester.

You should still meet with an Academic Advisor regularly to make sure you are on the proper track.


Fall Semester Year 1

Number Title
  BCM-100 Introduction to Construction Management
  BCM-104 Construction Blueprint Reading
  BCM-117 Construction Materials & Methods
  ATG-106 Intro to Accounting Debits & Credits
  ATG-107 Intro to Accounting Special Journals
  ENG-101 Composition I

* plus 3 credit General Education elective

Spring Semester Year 1

Number Title
  BCM-120 Mechanical Systems
  BCM-125 Construction Safety
  BCM-137 Architectural CAD Drafting I
  BUS-101 Introduction to Business
  MTH-100 Technical Mathematics
  MTH-125 Plane Trigonometry
  MTH-132 College Algebra & Trigonometry

Summer Semester Year 1

Number Title
  BCM-195 Construction Surveying I
  BCM-218 Construction Surveying II

Fall Semester Year 2

Number Title
  BCM-219 Statics-Strength Materials Build Constr.
  BCM-237 Architectural CAD Drafting II
  BCM-239 Wood Frame Structures
  BCM-260 Construction Estimating

* plus 3 credit English elective

Spring Semester Year 2

Number Title
  BCM-251 Codes, Contracts, & Specifications
  BCM-270 Construction Job Scheduling
  BCM-258 Case Study in Construction Management
  BCM-278 Green Building Fundamentals

* plus 4 credit General Education elective and 2 credit General Education elective (if required for MTH 125)