Rock Valley College

Sample 2 Year Plan of Study


This sample 2 Year Plan of Study for the RVC Accounting degree will give you an outline for a suggested way to approach taking your courses each semester.

You should still meet with an Academic Advisor regularly to make sure you are on the proper track.


Fall Semester Year 1

Number Title
  BUS-101 Introduction to Business
  ATG-110 Financial Accounting
  ENG-101 Composition I
  MTH-120 College Algebra
  MTH-160 Topics From Finite Mathematics
  CIS-102 Intro to Computers & Info Systems

* prerequisite for BUS 223

Spring Semester Year 1

Number Title
  ATG-111 Managerial Accounting
  SPH-131 Fundamentals of Communication
  PCI-106 Microcomputer Applications/Windows
  BUS-223 Business Statistics
  ATG-220 Fraud Detection and Deterrence

Spring Semester Year 2

Number Title
  ATG-298 Accounting Capstone
  ATG-210 Cost Accounting
  ATG-216 Intermediate Accounting II
  BUS-279 Principles of Finance
  BUS-201 Business Law
  BUS-200 Legal Environment in Business
General Education Elective (HUM or SOC prefix)  (3)



1. ATG 110 has a prerequisite of MTH 096A or MTH 096S unless you have completed an introductory accounting course or have associated work experience.

2. Both BUS 201 and BUS 200 are articulated courses. If you plan to transfer, please verify which course the transfer institution prefers for transfer credit.