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Looking for some things to keep you busy during this               Stay-At-Home mandate?

Updated 8/6/2020 at 10:17 a.m.

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COVID-19 Resources


Featured LIVE Classes

(There are no fees associated with these classes. NOTE: Registration is required to attend.)

image for classWhat is Abstract Art?
If you've ever felt lost when facing an abstract painting, you are not alone. Join Dr. Matthew Palczynski and the staff from Road Scholar to unlock some of the mysteries of the most celebrated works of abstraction by artists like Lee Krasner and Norman Lewis. 

Wednesday, August 12 beginning at 10:00 a.m.
(Lecture will last approximately one hour.)

NOTE: Registration and use of Zoom is required. You will receive an email with the link to the LIVE presentation after registering. To register, click the blue title above.

image for classInvasive Species of the Great Lakes
Join lecturer Howard Shuster to learn about the invasive plant and animal species of the Great Lakes, how they have affected the ecology of the region and what efforts are being made to control them. 

Thursday, August 13 beginning at 1:00 p.m.
(Lecture will last approximately one hour.)

NOTE: Registration and use of Zoom is required. You will receive an email with the link to the LIVE presentation after registering. To register, click the blue title above.

Art & Crafts

  • The Color "Blue" - The color blue has been referred to as a magical hue that has the power to induce relaxation, tranquility and inspiration and even connect us to the highest states of consciousness. The Healing Power of Arts & Artists has put together a "Blue" artwork presentation by artists from the past as well as several contemporary artists.
  • Crafting Ideas - From knitting to painting to sewing to jewelry-making, find creative crafting projects to occupy your time.
  • "Out on a Whim" by FootsieStools - FootsieStools is a charitable nonprofit organization that uses the power of art and humor to comfort, heal, and empower individuals struggling with the emotional impact of mental and physical illness, disability, trauma, and other difficult life situations. The program is happy to announce their virtual exhibit titled, "Out on a Whim!" 

Computer Training

  • Cyber-Seniors - A humorous and heartwarming documentary. Cyber-Seniors chronicles the journey of a group of senior citizens as they discover the world of the Internet through the guidance of teenage mentors. It provides insight into things that can happen when generation gaps are bridged and proves that you are never too old to get 'connected'.
  • Microsoft Office Basics - Join David with Tech Talk America with this 40-minute tutorial that covers the basics of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, using Microsoft Office version 2010.
  • Online Computer Training - Meganga is an online resource providing online computer training for beginners and is absolutely free. They have easy-to-follow computer lessons including the basics, graphics and photography, internet and email, and Microsoft Office products. 



  • Building a Retirement/Financial Plan - Join Dustin from Jazz Wealth Managers for a quick lesson on creating a retirement and financial plan. Learn how to create a budget, plan for retirement, and learn the pros and cons of 401k's, Roth IRA's and other retirement accounts.
  • Ultimate Guide to Senior Finance - Check out this article by Assisted Living Today, that provides answers to your questions regarding senior finances. Topics include benefits and social security, budgeting and saving, consumer protection, health care costs, different types of insurances, taxes and tax planning, mortgage strategies, wills and trusts, and other financial resources.


  • Chair Exercises - In this article by registered nurse, Melissa Mills, learn 18 different chair exercises that you can do from a seated position. The article provides each exercise in a worded description, as well as tutorial videos for instruction.
  • Core Training for Seniors by Certified Fitness Trainer, Rebecca Lockhart. Check out her website for individualized personal training and more information.
  • Morning Stretches - Join Meg from A.I.M. Fitness for some easy morning stretches! Best part? It will only take you about 15 minutes. Meg shares some simple stretching exercises that you can do from a seated position and are specifically designed for seniors.
  • Self-Defense for Seniors - Everyone deserves to feel secure. That's why self-defense for seniors is such an important topic. This article by Crystal Lee from Great Senior Living will help you understand different types of self-defense training that are available and how this training can benefit your health and well-being.
  • Strength Training Exercises for Seniors by Certified Fitness Trainer, Rebecca Lockhart.  Check out her website for individualized personal training and more information.

Fun Activities

  • Interpreting Emojis - Emojis have turned into a crucial part of communication. But here's the problem: Do we always understand the meaning of these emojis? After interviewing Americans over the age of 55 in Florida, it was discovered what people do or don't understand about the most popular emojis in the world. Check out this article by Great Senior Living to discover what these emojis mean and what other seniors interpret them to mean. 

Health & Wellness

  • Blood Sugar Rising, Diabetes - This is a 2-hour presentation by PBS that follows the diabetes epidemic in the U.S. Diabetes and pre-diabetes affect over 100 million people in the U.S., costing more than $325 billion each year. This video explores the history and science of the illness through portaits of Americans whose stories shape the film.
  • Health Benefits of Music - Isn't it interesting how hearing a particular song can bring back a special memory or make you feel happy, calm or pumped up? People are born with the ability to tell the difference between music and noise. This article by the Pfizer Medical Team will help explain how music affects the brain and how it can actually improve our health and well-being.
  • Healthy Aging with Nutrition - A well-balanced diet of essential nutrients can help support a healthy lifestyle. Join the Alliance for Aging Research as they provide you with tips on a healthy diet, how to safely turn to supplements, and how to be a well-educated consumer.
  • Technology and Aging at Home - In this article by Debra Fulghum Bruce, Ph. D., discover how technology is helping more people age at home. From apps to modify your environment to telemedicine platforms, technology is making it easier and safer to age in place.



    • During World War II, the use of airborne forces to "vertically envelop" the enemy went from an untested theory to a major part of offensive tactics. Meet the glidermen of World War II and hear their stories.
  • Stuff You Missed in History - A podcast with Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest stuff from history. From "The Dark Legacy of Sea Monkeys" to "Grover Cleveland's Medical Secret", explore all sorts of mysteries from history.


  • Learn Languages - Duolingo is a popular language-learning platform. It is designed to feel like a game and is scientifically proven to be effective.
  • Movie Music Romance Collection - CLR Leader, John LeGear, has put together TWO Movie Music Romance playlists on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! Both playlists feature a collection of clips with memorable songs and dances from the finest films made over the past 100 years and last approximately 65-minutes. 
  • Virtual Tunes from Nicholas Conservatory - Tunes on the Terrace at Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens has been canceled this summer due to the continuing situation with COVID-19, but the show will go on, virtually! Tune in every Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. to enjoy musical performances from area artists in the comfort of your own home, streamed LIVE. A full listing of artists is available on the Nicholas Conservatory website.
  • Writing Resources - If you enjoy writing, this is a perfect place to share your writing works and receive feedback from other writers.



  • How to Read the Bible - This ongoing series explores the origins, content, and purpose of the Bible. Here you'll be introduced to some of the basic skills necessary for reading the Bible effectively.
  • World Religions 101 - Religions professor, Stephen Prothero, gives a crash course on eight of the world's spiritual traditions - what they believe, where they come from, and how they're different from each other. Religions included are Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Yoruba Religion, Confucianism, Taoism and Hinduism. 


Science & Nature

  • Astronomy Course - Crash Course YouTube channel has put together over 40 different lessons on Astronomy for you to explore! It's just like taking a college-level course and it's free! Each lesson is roughly 15-minutes long. From Introduction to Astronomy to The Big Bang, Dark Energy, Nebulae, and the Milky Way! (NOTE: All videos will be displayed in a playlist on the right side of the page.)
  • Launch of Apollo 11 by Buzz Aldrin - In February of 2016, Buzz Aldrin went to the Science Museum in London to tell the story of the historic mission in his own words. It's surely interesting to hear this story first-hand from a primary source! 
  • Unanswered Science Questions Explained - YouTube channel called ASAP Science that holds a collection of educational videos explaining science. From creators, Mitchell Mofit and Gregory Brown, they answer science questions from, "Is Your Phone Listening To You" to "What If You Only Drank Soda?"


Social Sciences

  • Sociology Course - In 44 videos, Nicole Sweeney will teach you sociology! This course is based on an introductory college level curriculum, with Sociology, 15th edition, by John J. Macionis as its reference text. 


Special Interests & Hobbies

  • AARP Smart Driver Course Online - Refreshing your driving skills could reduce your auto insurance costs! This online course could save you money on your car insurance, it is affordable, and it teaches you strategies to keep you safe behind the wheel.
  • Coursera - A world-wide online learning platform by Stanford professionals that offers massive open online courses, specializations, and degrees.
  • Facebook Training - Find answers to common questions and frustrations in this complete beginner's guide for grandparents, seniors and baby boomers. If you are looking for more instruction, a full class with 63 lectures is available for a small fee.
  • How Things are Made - Learn how some of your favorite products are made. Some things included are ceramic fireplaces, croissants, pocket knives, wigs, canned tomatoes, bowling balls, artificial eyes, peanut butter, and much more.
  • Sanfilippo Foundation - Enjoy past musical performances on some of the most amazing restored automatic musical instruments in the world including, coin-operated pianos, violin machines, photoplayers, dance organs, fairground and band organs, and the world's largest indoor theatre pipe organ!
  • TED Talks - A nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading ideas in the form of short, powerful talks. Their mission is to welcome people from all over the world that seek a deeper understanding of the world.

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