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Math Refresher & Prep COL-800-RV  

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(Ages 11-15) Reinforces main concepts from 8th grade mathematics including: analyze proportional relationships and solving real world/mathematical problems; apply and extend previous understanding of fractions to add, subtract, multiply and divide rational numbers; use properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions; use numerical and algebraic expressions and equations; draw, construct, and describe geometrical figures and relationships between them; applications in angle measure, area, surface area, and volume; random sampling to draw inferences about a population; draw informal comparative inferences about two populations; investigate chance processes and develop, use, and evaluate statistics and probability models. INCLUDES: Homework assignments and final test. BRING: Pencils, erasers, red pen, calculator, geometry set, graph paper, ruler and notebook.

PREREQUISITE: 7th grade math or instructor permission. NO CLASS 3/13, 4/3.

Instructor: Bilal Khairi
Cost: $269
Meet: 2/20-5/22 (Saturdays - 12 Courses) from 10:00 am-Noon