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Please use the appropriate online form for self-reporting:

  • Student & Staff Self-Reporting Form
  • Campus Visitors Self-Reporting Form

Facilities and Physical Plant and Operations is ordering and fabricating hand sanitizer stations that will be located at building entrances. Many units are also ordering extra hand sanitizer to share with their employees, students and visitors.

Based on the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-32 and advice from our local public health officials, the college has implemented requirements related to use of face coverings and social distancing in campus facilities and on other university property in response to health and safety concerns.  

The RVC Student Handbook (link) page 87, items 15, 20, 25, page 90, item A and page 92, item A provide details on student conduct expectations and guidance.

Yes. Students, employees and visitors within college-owned or leased spaces and on college property may be asked to leave if they do not adhere to any required health and safety rules we have established.

If you have a medical condition or disability that prevents you from safely wearing a cloth face covering, you will not be required to wear one and alternative arrangements will be made.  See RVC Student Handbook (link).

We are committed to cleaning and sanitizing all university spaces to minimize the ability of the virus to spread. Our Facilities and Physical Plant Operations team has developed rigorous sanitation procedures and processes.

We will continue to closely monitor conditions locally and regionally. A resurgence of COVID-19 at any time between now and through the fall semester may cause a change to any of these plans.

Community & Continuing Education & Whiz Kids
Overall Plans for Phase 4

Phase four begins the process of returning larger quantities of students back to campus while still planning for possible regression back to Phase 3 or even Phase 2. In order to accommodate both the need to move forward while being prepared to drop back if needed RVC administration has decided the following:

RVC phase four began on July 13, 2020.

  • Some in-person classes will be allowed as long as social distancing standards are maintained. Use of these classes will be at the discretion of the RVC Academic Leadership team.
  • In-person classes must be prepared in such a way as to allow the class to switch to all online should the need arise for Illinois to revert back to Phase 3.
  • Class sizes will depend on the size of the classroom & the ability to maintain 6 feet of social distance.
  • The number of people in each lab/classroom will depend on the following factors:
    • Size of lab space
    • Ability to maintain 6 feet of social distance
    • A lab which has more than 10 students, will be prepared to revert to fewer than 10 students at a time should Phase 3 is instituted
    • Classes that are designed for populations that are considered high risk by the CDC guidelines will not be offered by RVC

This plan attempts to complete all necessary in person lab teaching before Thanksgiving and the beginning of the cold and flu season.

  • Employees, students, and guests are allowed to wear cloth or homemade masks at work. No offensive or objectionable images or text will be allowed.
  • Face masks will be provided by RVC for employees, students, and guests who do not bring their own.
  • On Main campus, masks will be available at the Student Center Information Desk for pick up. Students, staff, or visitors should utilize the mask for the day and then dispose of the mask.
  • Non-main campus buildings will have a designated location or person who will distribute RVC provided face masks.
  • Face masks are required indoors.
  • Employees, students, and guests shall wear masks when walking in interior areas. This is required because of the increased chance of coming upon another person in a confined area in interior hallways or spaces.
  • Employees and students must wear a mask at all times before, during, and after class or lab instruction.
  • Mask are not required when outside of a building unless social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Masks must cover both mouth and nose.

Exceptions: An exception will be granted when an instructor is lecturing for longer than 10 minutes and remains within the designated lecture area within each classroom or lab. This will allow for better ability of students to clearly hear the instructor and reduce fatigue on the instructors when speaking for long periods of time. If a student is hearing impaired and must visually see the instructor speak, the instructor must return to the designated lecture area and remove their mask, while maintaining social distancing.

  • Employees, students and visitors must remain home if not feeling well for any reason and will be sent home if they are not feeling well while at any college campus.
  • Once you begin your day, continue to observe yourself for any changes such as fever, coughing and/or difficulty breathing.
  • If your condition changes while at campus or you suspect someone else is symptomatic of COVID-19 contact the RVC Police who will follow the policy on Communicable Diseases utilizing the guidelines listed in the Communicable Diseases Administrative Procedure.
  • Employees who are not symptomatic but have a sick family member at home who is confirmed to have COVID-19 should notify their supervisor and not come to work and follow the recommended provided guidelines by the local health department.
  • If an employee or student tests positive for COVID-19 they should notify their supervisor or instructor immediately and not come to campus. The employee or student should notify their local health department, if the results did not come from the health department, and follow directions given to them by the health department.
  • Room Layout – The classroom/lab will be marked with blue tape on all floors to designate a safe 6’ area for the lecturer. Instructors will be able to remove your mask within this area if you will be presenting for longer than 10 minutes. Room occupancy will be kept at 50% of occupancy as deemed by fire code or as applicable within the six-foot guidance as set forth by ICCB, IDPH and the CDC.
  • Lecturing – REMAIN inside marked six-foot area if presenting longer than 10 minutes without a mask. Once you step outside the designated six-foot area you MUST wear your mask. (i.e. Winnebago County Health Department Covid Press Conference where speakers remove their masks while speaking at podium and replace mask when done). No students are allowed in this area during a lecture.
  • Students – Classrooms and labs will be set up in a manner that is socially distance compliant, where possible. Staff should not alter the setup, if an obvious error in setup has occurred, instructors should contact the RVC POM office or RVC Police. Students should be seated in these predetermined locations during any lecture. Students MUST remain in this seat unless directed otherwise by faculty. When in a lab situation, the floors will be marked to designate each station area.
  • Employees will be required to complete the self-observation questionnaire before entering any RVC building. Submission of the questionnaire will not be required. It is a measure put in place to protect yourself and others.
  • Employees should check their temperature before coming to work; however, for those employees who do not have a thermometer, locations will be set up in each building for them to do so. Employees who have not checked their temperature should enter through a designated door for their building and utilize temperature measuring station.
    • Employee should wipe off touchless thermometer before each use utilizing sanitizer.
    • Employee will measure personal temperature utilizing the touchless thermometer.
    • If temperature is above 100.4 degrees F conduct a second reading of temperature.
    • If temperature is still above 100.4 utilize cleaning disinfectant, clean off thermometer and door handles as you exit building. DO NOT REPORT TO WORK.
    • Below 100.4 degrees:
      • Employee wipes off thermometer utilizing cleaning disinfectant.
      • Employee wipes hands off with hand sanitizer.
      • Employee continues into building.
      • It is highly recommended the employee goes to restroom and washes hands utilizing CDC recommended hand washing standards before entering their personal work area.
  • All employees, students, and guests will maintain proper social distancing of at least six feet.
  • Individuals or groups visiting any of the Rock Valley College campuses, will be asked to complete a visitor log in order to contact the visitor should a positive case occur that the visitor may have encountered. If this interaction occurs, the visitor (s) will be contacted by the Winnebago County Health Department.
  • Mask Usage: Students will be required to wear their masks while inside any RVC property. This will include times when students are in a classroom/lab. Face to face classes are reserved for lab and other activity-based instruction and is by its nature fluid. Therefore, masks will be worn in classroom by students and the instructor to ensure safety. The only exception will be when an instructor is lecturing for longer than 10 minutes and remains within the designated lecture area.
  • Students will be required to follow these guidelines while in class and while moving around campus in public areas. It is expected that students will maintain a social distance of at least six feet at all times. If a six-foot social distance is not able to be maintained, mask usage will be required. If a student fails or refuses to wear a mask or maintain appropriate social distance, the following steps will be followed:
    1. Instructor or designated program/course leader will inform and remind the student(s) of the guidance requirements for protective masks and social distancing.
    2. Inform and remind the student(s) of the RVC Student Code of Conduct Policy that details the need for the student to follow “reasonable directives” of College personnel and the Health and Safety provisions related to Disruptive Behavior.
    3. If student(s) is not compliant, inform the student that RVC Police and the Dean of Students Office will be informed of the student(s) non-compliance.