Rock Valley College

Mechatronics ICAPS

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a blend of mechanical, electrical, and computer skills to design, build and operate smart machines. Mechatronics engineering technologists use a combination of mechanical, electrical, computer and software skills to work with smart technologies, such as robots, automated guided systems and computer-integrated manufacturing equipment.

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What is the Mechatronics ICAPS program?

The Mechatronics ICAPS program provides qualified students an opportunity to earn a college certificate in Mechatronics while increasing basic academic skills, completing their GED or improving English language skills. 

In addition to college coursework, ICAPS students also attend an academic support class, where they receive extra support for the college coursework and continue working toward their GED and/or improve English skills.

Financial assistance may be available to qualifying students.

Semester One:

  • Mechanical Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Academic Support Class


Semester Two:

  • Robot Design and Application
  • Graphics
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Academic Support Class

Information Sessions

All sessions held at RVC Downtown 99 East State Street, Rockford, IL

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 Mechatronics/Manufacturing 6:15 p.m.
Friday, October 25, 2019 Mechatronics/Manufacturing 10:15 a.m.