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Student Connect Workshops

Student Connect Workshops

April 2019 Workshops

Workshops are focused at providing learning and interactive experiences to students outside the classrooms in hopes of increasing student success.

Where Does My Time Go?!

Tuesday, 4/23: 2-3pm: Student Center Room 1224
Facilitators: Louana and Jasmine, RVC Students and Peer Mentors

Do you have a hard time balancing school, work, friend, and everything else? Come talk with two RVC students and Peer Mentors and find out they have learned how to manage their time.  Student will leave the session having a better understanding of how to balance their time and ways to organize their weekly and monthly calendars.

Biology Study Skills

Wednesday 4/24: 3-4pm: JCSM 1106
Facilitator: Laura Constant, Biology Professor

Struggling with science or preparing for a career in the Health Sciences, or just need a little help with your general education course?  Join Biology Professor Laura Constant and successful RVC science students for pointers on self-guided study, note taking, and creating your own study guides.

Stress Management

Tuesday 4/30: 11-12pm: Student Center 1222
Facilitator: Andrea McCauley, Personal and Success Counselor

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your to-do list seems endless, deadlines are fast approaching, and you find yourself saying ‘Eek! I feel stressed!’? This stress management workshop is designed to build self-awareness, resilience, and empower students to recognize stress and ways to effectively cope with stress-related challenges.

Now Offering STAMP Lab!


Peer Mentors are now available to help STU 100 students complete their STAMP part 4. Stop by the Open Advising Lab once your STAMP part 3 is complete. You can also stop in with questions for us, Monday and Wednesday 3:30-5:00 p.m. and Friday 1:30-3:00 p.m.