Rock Valley College

Frequently Asked Questions

Paperwork/Registration Process

What are the eligibility requirements for Dual Credit /Dual Enrollment students?

Students who are 16 years of age and still in high school must complete an RVC application and meet assessment requirements by ACCUPLACER Placement Test or ACT/SAT scores. Students who test at college level will be eligible for 100-level college credit courses. *If the student is under 16 years of age please refer to the Early Admission Packet.

How do I sign up for Dual Credit or Dual Enrollment? What's the paperwork process?

Please refer to our Early College Admissions page.

Do I need to take an assessment?

All students must take the ACCUPLACER Placement Test or submit ACT/SAT scores. Students who prepare do better. For study guides and further information regarding testing please refer to the RVC Testing Center page or call (815) 921-2380.

What minimum placement test scores do I need in order to take college-level classes?

  ACCUPLACER ACT Sub-Score         SAT-I  Sub-Score     
Reading 246 19 480
Sentence Skills (English) 250 19 480
Mathematics (QAS) 257 22 580


Where do I send the paperwork / transcripts / ACT scores?

Please send these items directly to the Early College office via fax, mail, or email.

Rock Valley College
Attn: Early College
3301 N. Mulford Rd.
Rockford, IL 61114
fax: (815) 921-408, email:


Have you received my transcript/ACT scores?

Please call the Records & Registration office at (815) 921-4250 to see if your transcript has been received.

What is the deadline for my paperwork?

The absolute last day we can receive paperwork and still register a student is the Tuesday before classes begin. In order to get through the registration process in a timely manner, we recommend registering as early as possible.

How do I register for classes?

After completing the High School Programs application and testing, you must work with a Transition Advisor in the Early College office in order to register for classes. This can be done in person, over the phone, or by email. Parents and high school counselors can also request registration or schedule changes on behalf of the student.

How do I set up my technology?

You will need to come in-person to the Early College office to set up your password for RVC technology.

When should textbooks be purchased?

Required textbooks should be purchased before classes begin so that books can be brought to the first day of class. To determine which textbooks are required for your classes, you can bring a copy of your class schedule to the RVC Bookstore, or you can click on "My class schedule and textbooks" within the student menu on Online Services.


Advising/Choosing Classes

What classes can/should I take?

You can take any classes for which you meet the testing prerequisites. A Transition Advisor will work with you to help you take classes that count towards high school requirements and that match your college and career aspirations.

What classes transfer?

Rock Valley College is part of the Illinois Articulation Agreement (IAI), which guarantees transfer of certain coursework to approximately 100 colleges and universities within the state of Illinois. Most general education classes can also transfer to four-year colleges and universities out-of-state. It is the student's responsibility to contact their transfer institution for more information about how to transfer classes.

My son/daughter failed a high school class. What summer courses do you have available?

Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment is not designed for repairing high school transcripts. Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment is designed to give high school students a jump start on college. Most students take college-level courses numbered 100 and above, but it is possible for students (16 years of age and older) to take developmental courses numbered below 100. Developmental courses are not transferable and do not earn college-level credit. Check with your high school counselor.


Tuition/Financial Aid

I've heard some students receive tuition waivers, is this true?

Students enrolled in the Running Start program or dual credit through Rockford Public Schools District #205, are waived from tuition of select courses.

I was dropped for lack of tuition payment. Now what?

If there are seats open in the course(s) you were enrolled in, we can re-enroll you. Contact the Early College office at (815) 921-4080.

Is there discounted tuition for Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment students?

Tuition is only discounted for students taking a dual credit class at their high school campus. Students are charged one credit hour tuition plus fees for each course they take at their high school.


Is financial aid available?

Financial aid and scholarships are not available for Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment students while still in high school. Once students graduate high school they may be eligible for financial aid.

Will Dual Credit/Enrollment have a long-term effect on my financial aid eligibility?

Failing or withdrawing from a dual credit or dual enrollment class may have an impact on your future financial aid eligibility at Rock Valley College. If you plan to attend RVC after high school graduation you will be held accountable to Financial Aid's Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. For more detailed information, please refer to RVC Financial Aid.

Policy (Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment and RVC)

How many classes can I take?

Please check with your high school counselor.

Will I get college and high school credit for my college course?

The high school determines if you will receive high school credit for the college course taken through RVC. Check with your high school counselor or principal before enrolling, and have them sign off on the Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Agreement Form.

My son/daughter doesn't plan to receive high school credit. Why do we have to go through the
Early College office?

According to Rock Valley College policy, any student still in high school must enroll through the
Early College office whether or not they're receiving high school credit. Transition Advisors will register your student in courses.

I received a letter stating that I've been accepted to Rock Valley College. Why can't I register online?

High school students have a hold placed on their accounts until they graduate from high school. You must complete the paperwork process through the
Early College office.

My high school is off for the day. Do I need still attend my RVC class?

If you're taking a course at a Rock Valley College campus, then you're required to follow
RVC's Academic Calendar. Therefore, you must attend class unless RVC has a holiday or is closed.

What do I do if I'm sick or can't get to class?

You should refer to your course syllabus for your instructor's attendance policy. You should also email or call your instructor to let him or her know that you won't be attending and to find out how to make up the work.

We're taking a summer vacation. Is it okay for my son/daughter to miss a class or two?

No. Summer classes are condensed versions of fall and spring classes. Missing one day of a summer class is like missing a minimum of two days, or one week's worth, of a fall or spring class. A three-week summer session and a four-week summer session are also offered and may work better with your vacation schedule.

Do I receive a midterm grade?

You will only receive a midterm grade if you are earning a 'D' or 'F' at the time of midterm. The purpose of a midterm grade is to let you know how you're doing in a class so that you can work to bring your grade up before final grades are assigned.

What's the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?

You have until the 10th day of the semester to drop a class for a tuition refund. A dropped class will not show up on your transcript. A withdrawal is a safeguard if you are at risk of failing a course. You can withdrawal up until the 10th week of the semester, and you will receive a 'W' grade. The 'W' is not factored into your GPA, but it will become a part of your official transcript and may impact your financial aid eligibility.

What do I need to do to withdraw from a Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment course?

You must notify the Early College office before 5pm on the posted "last day to withdraw." See our Registration & Payment Dates page for specific dates.