Rock Valley College
See what courses RVC has to offer you this summer!

Summer Courses

Who says summer school is a bad thing? Whether you are a current RVC student or a student from another college or university, we encourage you to consider taking summer courses to help lighten your load for the fall semester. 

Which best describes you?

RVC student smiling outside of the Health Sciences Center

Current RVC Student

Summer registration opens March 26! Start planning and search for classes now.

Male student on campus near the creek with a notebook

Student From Another College

We welcome students attending other colleges and universities to take courses at RVC during the summer semester.

Summer Only Transfer Students

If specific prerequisites are needed for you to take RVC courses, as a summer only student transferring from another institution you may complete this form.  Unofficial transcripts will be accepted to assist in verifying the eligibility of course registration.  If grades are not available at the time of registration, students will be granted temporary registration access.  Final grades will need to be submitted to the Records and Registration Office by the drop date indicated on the Important Dates web page to continue to pursue the course.  RVC understands that final grades from transfer institutions will not be available prior to the drop date for Summer Session I and exceptions will be made.  However. if final grades are not received by the Records Office for Summer Session II, students will be dropped from their course(s).  

Tuition & Fees Notice

A new tuition rate for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at Rock Valley College will go into effect for the Summer II semester (classes that begin June 17, 2019). The per credit hour rate for CTE courses will increase to $140, while the rate for all other courses will remain at $115 per credit hour.

Additionally, also effective for Summer II, the technology fee will be increasing from $7 per credit hour to $10 per credit hour, and the student activity fee will be increasing from $3 per credit hour to $5 per credit hour.

The increases to these fees means that total tuition and fees for CTE programs will now be $155 per credit hour, while total tuition and fees for all other courses will be $130 per credit hour.

For a comprehensive list of affected CTE programs, visit our website.