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Summer Courses

Who says summer school is a bad thing? We welcome students attending other colleges and universities to take courses at Rock Valley College during the summer semester.

Which situation below best describes you?

I am a student at another college or university looking to take summer courses at RVC.

Students who have never attended RVC before should follow these steps:

1. Fill out an Enrollment Form online or in person at the Information Center located on the first floor of the Student Center.

2. Meet placement requirements by completing one of the three options below:

  • Submitting college transcripts * OR
  • Taking the placement test OR
  • Submitting ACT/SAT scores *(ACT/SAT scores cannot be more than three years old)

* ACT/SAT scores or college transcripts can be submitted to the Records and Registration office. 

Mail or fax to:

Rock Valley College
Attn: Records & Registration
3301 North Mulford Road
Rockford, IL 61114

(815) 921-4269 (fax)

3. Verify course transferability with your currently enrolled institution.

If the course in which you are wanting to enroll has a prerequisite that needs to be met please complete this form and send to or contact the Records & Registration office at (815) 921-4250.

4. Meet, if needed, with an academic advisor regarding Rock Valley College courses.

5. Search for summer course offerings.

6. Register and pay for your classes.

I am a student at another college or university but recently took courses and attended RVC.

If you have attended RVC within the last year and you know your  student id and password, you can register via Online Services any time after open registration for summer begins. If you do not know your password, please visit our password management page to reset your password or call (815) 921-4250.

Browse our summer course offerings in math!

Need A Math Course?

Stay on track for your major by knocking out a math course at RVC this summer. Some of the most popular choices in the summer include College Algebra (MTH120), Calculus I (MTH135), Calculus II (MTH235), and Calculus for Business and Social Science Majors (MTH211). 

Browse our summer course offerings in history!

Need A History Course?

Need a history lesson this summer? We've got you covered. Popular summer choices include Eastern Civilization to 1500 (HST182), History of the World since 1750, and U.S. History (HST142 and 143). 

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Summer Only Transfer Students

If specific prerequisites are needed for you to take RVC courses, as a summer only student transferring from another institution you may complete this form.  Unofficial transcripts will be accepted to assist in verifying the eligibility of course registration.  If grades are not available at the time of registration, students will be granted temporary registration access.  Final grades will need to be submitted to the Records and Registration Office by the drop date indicated on the Important Dates web page to continue to pursue the course.  RVC understands that final grades from transfer institutions will not be available prior to the drop date for Summer Session I and exceptions will be made.  However. if final grades are not received by the Records Office for Summer Session II, students will be dropped from their course(s).