Rock Valley College

PAIC (Promoting an Inclusive Community)


Mission Statement

To lead the College community by enhancing and sustaining an institutional culture of equity and social justice that fosters diversity and inclusion.

To support this mission statement, the PAIC committee has the following goals:


  • Advocate for diverse populations and their needs.
  • Advocate for college action in response to identified needs regarding equity and inclusivity.

Institutional / Program Assessment

  • Use the assessment results of PAIC work to inform institutional change.
  • Identify institutional gaps related to the college climate.  

Programming / Development

  • Implement needed programming and professional development opportunities.
  • Support new and existing programming and professional development.


  • Serve as a resource that supports increased awareness and understanding of diversity related issues.
  • Collaborate with community partners.

Focus Areas

2017+: Dignity
2015-2017: Students with Disabilities
2013-2015: LGBTQA+
2011-2013: Latinos/Latinas
2009-2011: African-Americans

The mission of the Safe Zone Program is to provide a network of safe and supportive allies to the LGBTQAI+ community at Rock Valley College. The goal of this program is to provide a welcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender persons by establishing an identifiable network of supportive persons who can provide support, information, resources, and a safe place for LGBTQAI+ persons within our campus community.

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