Rock Valley College

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Rock Valley College empowers students and community through lifelong learning. 

Vision Statement

Rock Valley College empowers the community to grow as a society of learners through well-designed educational pathways, leading to further education, rewarding careers, cultural enrichment, and economic-technological development. 

Core Values

Learner-centered Community. Rock Valley College is dedicated to providing affordable lifelong learning opportunities that foster student success.

Mutual Respect. At all times, Rock Valley College upholds the dignity of each individual by being ethical, respectful, fair, and courteous in communications and actions.

Excellence. Rock Valley College maintains high expectations for teaching and learning and holds itself accountable for promoting continuous improvement.

Diversity. Rock Valley College promotes, celebrates, and embraces differences, including cultural and ethnic diversity and diversity of thought.

Collaboration. Rock Valley College fosters innovative, enriching partnerships within the college community and among others that serve the region.

Innovation. Rock Valley College is a forward thinking institution that explores creative approaches for the future.

Public Trust. Rock Valley College honors and upholds its commitment to the community through integrity of actions and efficient use of resources.