Rock Valley College


Dr. Howard Spearman, President
(815) 921-4008

Kris Fuchs, Assistant to the President
(815) 921-4013

Ron Geary, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Campus Safety (Chief Academic Officer, CAO)
(815) 921-4011

Jim Handley, Vice President of Human Resources (Chief Human Resources Officer, CHRO)
(815) 921-4754

Ann Kerwitz, Assistant to the President
(815) 921-4001

Chris Lewis, Vice President of Workforce Development
(815) 921-4012

Dr. Patrick Peyer, Vice President of Student Affairs
(815) 921-4092

Heather Snider, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness & Communications
(815) 921-4075

Beth Young, Vice President of Finance and Operations (Chief Financial Officer, CFO)
(815) 921-4445

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