Disability Student Services

Disability Support Services

If you are a student with a disability who may require assistance in accessing any of the college's programs or services, please contact our office to discuss potential barriers and possible solutions. Our department also serves as a source of guidance, consultation, and training to faculty, staff, and the community on disability and access-related issues.

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Request Services

Find out what you need to do to request disability services at RVC.

DSS Accommodations & Services

Communication Services

Interpreters and Captioners are trained professionals hired by the college. Find out how to request and receive this accommodation.

Assistive Technology

Special software and equipment is available to students with a variety of disabilities. See the options available to you.

TRIO Achieve

TRiO SSS-Achieve provides individual and group services so that you may overcome class, academic, social, and cultural barriers to complete your education.

Students in class raising hands.

RAISE: College for Life

RAISE is a collaborative initiative involving Rock Valley College, local not-for-profit organizations and local school districts to provide opportunities for adults who have intellectual disabilities to participate in inclusive post-secondary educational opportunities, gain independent living skills, and to obtain competitive employment.

Handicapped parking space

Accessible Campus Map

This map of the RVC main campus features accessibility designations, including locations of wheelchair lifts, exterior automatic door openers, and handicapped parking spaces.